Creative Education

Creative Education

Pulpworm is passionate about embedding creativity and engagement into teaching and education, whether it be traditional educational pathways or lifelong education and our workshops will allow educators to access ideas and inspiration for creative teaching and for students to discover who they are and how they can fulfil their potential by gaining creative thinking skills.

 The World Economic Forum states that, by 2020 creativity will be in the top three skills required by employers, along with critical thinking and problem solving, which can all be refined and grown through a creative education. The World Economic Forum also states that creativity will be a driver in a fourth industrial revolution, after the engineering, electricity and production and technological and information advancements. With the rise of AI and automation, creativity is something that technology can’t possess, and creativity refuses to succumb to these revolutions therefore a creative education is imperative.

We go beyond traditional teaching methods and offer workshops for educators on how to teach creatively and how to teach for creativity. We also offer workshops for students using creative pedagogies to enable them to think creatively and develop creative skills and at the heart of our educational delivery is creativity and a desire to help people discover their potential and self-worth, and Creative Education is the perfect vehicle for this.

Creative Employability


Pulpworm’s Creative Pedagogies for Employability Workshops have a two-fold approach by being available for both educators and students


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Creative Writing for Business

Pulpworm can offer full day workshops to businesses, which will demonstrate how to utilise narrative and creative writing techniques to enhance all communication strategies.

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Creative Journaling

Pulpworm has extensive experience in delivering Creative Journaling workshops in educational and community settings.

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Pulpworm is also passionate about pulp ficton and allowing novice writers to have an oppurtunityo be published. Pulp Fiction is a term used to describe magazines andtories that were published on cheap, 'pulp' paper and hit their heights in the 20s and 30s.  Pulp Ficton is fast paced and sensational and covers genres of detective fiction, sci-fi, adventure and spy ficton among others.

Pulp Academy is a fifteen-hour workshop that can be delivered over three days or three weeks and includes sessions on writing in the pulp fiction style. The sessions will then culminate in the production of a pulp fiction anthology which will be made available on all e-reading platforms. Giving the novice writer their first publication and that much needed geniune feedback form the public.

'Pulp Nuggets: Writing in the Pulp Story Style’ will feature the creation of stories which include spies, lies, disguise, adventures, sci-fi, fantasy, secrets and mystery so get in touch if you would like to learn to write and publish your tale in the pulp story style.




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