Creative Employability

Creative Employability

Creative Employability

Pulpworm’s Creative Pedagogies for Employability Workshops have a two-fold approach by being available for both educators and students. The workshops have been founded on the 2018 QAA Guidance for Enterprise Education and the Entrecomp Wheel which underpins all the content alongside fitting in with the Donaldson Review and the Areas of Learning Experience. The workshops can be delivered in a range of educational or training settings from schools and colleges to training facilities.


We offer bespoke workshops for educators which can be offered on a half-day basis or full day basis. The workshops can offer a focus on one skill or a bite-size focus on a range of skills.

Workshops include teaching and learning strategies for:

• Goals and Motivation

• Time and Stress Management

• Reflection

• Creativity and Innovation

• Intrapreneurship

• Confidence with Speaking and Pitches

• Networking

• Self-Awareness & Self-Efficacy

• Identification of Opportunities

• Visioning

• Team-Working

• Taking Initiative

• Grit and Perseverance


The workshops for educators can also be delivered to students as stand-alone two hour sessions with a focus on one particular skill and they can also be delivered over a longer time period according to the requirements of the educational establishment.





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